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After the establishment of a co-op venture to provide electricity and tap water service to locals, Bonney Lake was incorporated as a town on February 28, 1949. From 1952 to 1972, numerous unsuccessful tries were made to disincorporate the community.

Between 2009 and 2015, the City of Bonney Lake and the Greater Bonney Lake Historical Society erected 13 historical markers, including one for the Naches Trail, an important immigrant and military route in the latter half of the 1800s.

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Legacy Gutter Cleaning is a locally family-owned business and operated, and we want to give you peace of mind when it comes to your gutters. Our goal is to create a lifestyle that Legacy Partners deserve and offer our members the client experience they deserve. The foundation of our dream is based on our vision, purpose, and mission: changing the destination of future generations by leaving a legacy.

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Gutter Cleaning Bonney Lake Wa

Gutter Cleaning

Legacy gutter cleaning is a service provider that provides gutter cleaning and guttering services, including gutter protection and flushing to leave gutters sparkling clean. We offer gutter cleaning for a number of different types of guttering, including residential and commercial properties alike. Trust us to provide you with gutter cleaning that will exceed your expectations each time we visit! Our guttering company believes in providing our customers with exceptional customer service along with high quality guttering service. For more information on Legacy Gutter Cleaning call 253-288-3239 today!

Moss Removal

If you are noticing moss growing on your roof, it is time to call a professional. Don't ever try to remove the moss yourself because, if not done correctly, you could end up with permanent damage that can cost far more money than hiring someone for roof cleaning. There are many different types of moss but they all present different problems. If you are not sure what type of moss is growing on your roof, please contact our office for an inspection today

Moss Treatment

Moss removal is not a simple process. Remember, moss thrives in moist environments with moderate to cold temperatures so it can grow practically anywhere with a little bit of moisture, shade, or both.

It is important to know that there are many different types of moss but they all present different problems. MossOut is an organic moss treatment product that uses live microorganisms to feed on the nutrients in the moss and kill it. Not sure what type of moss you have on your roof? Feel free to contact us with your questions.

Pressure Washing

Imagine spending all that time, effort, and money to build a beautiful concrete patio or driveway. But now, years later it looks dirty and stained, with dust and algae growing on the surface. You have tried power washing it yourself but ended up damaging the concrete and or your patio and needing to spend more money on repairs.

Now you just want your driveway or patio clean and sealed properly so that it looks good again and provides a nice place for outdoor entertaining and gatherings with family and friends. The best solution is to hire a professional like Legacy Gutter Cleaning . Our staff can restore your driveway or patio back to its original shine with no headaches.

Soft Wash

Soft Washing your building allows for clean up in and around difficult areas. These areas may be older, or brittle and require a soft touch when cleaning. How we do it here at Legacy Gutter cleaning is we start with an application of soft wash solution, followed by light brushing and rinse off. Perfect for around windows and along the roof trim. Please see our before and after gallery for examples of Soft Wash jobs we have completed.

We know that not everyone wants to clean around windows and roof trim, but enjoy having it done. Request a quote or give us a call for a free estimate on cleaning up your home or business. We are committed to providing excellent customer service with honesty and integrity at all times. We believe that by providing outstanding customer service, our company will grow as a result of our dedication.


Here is a small sampling of the kind words our clients have expressed about their Legacy Gutter Cleaning Services

The work and cleaning was exceptional as was all of the scheduling and quoting. I contacted them and then had a quote and appointment dates within an hour, all done online. They made it so easy and were so punctual and kind!

- Chelsea C., Auburn Wa

Legacy Gutter Cleaning Yelp Reviews
We have a rental property in Federal Way and when the roof/gutter cleaning company that had serviced it for years told us they could no longer do so, we were so glad we found Legacy. These guys are professional, quick to respond, extremely communicative, reasonably priced, and best of all, they even sent us before and after pictures of the work they did on our roof! We have an almost 3-story house and I don't think I've ever seen pictures of the top of our roof before! With so many competing businesses out there, these guys deserve your business. They have certainly earned ours!

- Anna G., Auburn Wa

Legacy Gutter Cleaning Yelp Reviews
First time using them & they were great! Customer service is A+ Called to get quote for gutter cleaning. Price was comparable to other companies. Really happy with the job performed. Will definitely be using them again! The guy that cleaned our gutters was really nice and informative! He showed us before & after pictures.

- Krystal Naomi R., Kent Wa.

Legacy Gutter Cleaning Yelp Reviews
I appreciate excellent customer service and Legacy excelled. I asked for estimates from 3 companies and they responded within 24 hours. The others took about a week to respond. They were great at getting me an estimate, communicating with scheduling and then being here on time. They did a great job and cleaned up so the yard was left in better shape than when they arrived. Very happy, will use them again next year.

- Ashlie Solomon

Legacy Gutter Cleaning Google Reviews
The team at Legacy is great, I really appreciated the communication I received from the moment I set the appointment to the time they arrived, the team let me know where and when they would be at my home and how long it would take! When scheduling time during my day, it was very helpful to know this to plan my day. Even the follow up communication to see if I was satisfied was great, you can tell they appreciated my business!

- Paul Stretch

Legacy Gutter Cleaning Google Reviews
You will not be disappointed with this company. They are organized and can give you a quote quickly, and they will stand by that quote, even if your roof turns out to be more work than they expected. The employees are very professional and get the job done well. They clean up completely each day they are there. You will get reminders of when they will be there. I have used 3 different companies for this job, and this is the best one. The owner will answer the phone himself, and will stay in touch with you.

- Linda Rodgers

Legacy Gutter Cleaning Google Reviews

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