Moss Removal


For our Moss Removal process, we hand brush off the moss to maintain the integrity of the shingles and not compromise the roof. Afterwards, we apply moss killer powder which kills any remaining moss within 6-8 weeks and prevents new growth for 6-9 months. This process provides maximum penetration of the root systems to minimize future moss growth, extending the life of your roof. The products we use are Moss Out & Corry’s Moss B Ware found at Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Service Includes: 

  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Moss Treatment
  • Roof Blow Off
  • Drain & Flow Test
  • Debris Clean Up

** We are only servicing composite shingle roofs at this time.

Prices start at: $499

Additional costs for the following:

  • steep pitches
  • gutter guards
  • extensive/excessive moss

***Moss Removal Disclaimer***

If the moss on the roof is too deep-rooted to be removed by hand brush making it difficult to remove without causing roof damage, we will remove as much moss as possible and apply extra moss treatment to kill the rest, dead moss may remain on the roof or be washed away by rainy weather. If you’d like to have the dead moss removed, we can schedule another Moss Removal service at least 6 weeks out from the original service date which allows enough time for the moss to die.

Please note that our vehicles are not equipped to haul off debris. We discard debris in following fashions:

  • yard waste bins
  • yard waste bags (that are placed in regular waste bins).

If you have a preference on where to discard the debris, please let us know.